Nursing is not just limited to bedside nursing in hospitals. Wherever there are people, there is a need for nurses. Even on the high seas!

Yacht nursing is a lesser-known specialty that you may not be aware of but may be pleased to know exists. These nurses can travel almost anywhere, from the South Pacific to Hawaii, to the Caribbean. Yacht nurses perform basic first aid skills, administer medications, and occasionally handle emergency medical care. They must be able to assess situations and triage, and also educate passengers on any medical issues or concerns. Occasionally, medical emergencies arise and it's difficult for rescue boats or helicopters to arrive quickly, so the nurse must be able to manage a patient until help arrives.

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In addition to providing medical care, yacht nurses may also be asked to assist with other tasks such as service and maintenance. Because medical care and monitoring are not needed the whole time, assisting the other crew is another job duty. Moreover, in case of evacuation, a yacht nurse may need to assist with getting passengers to lifeboats or other vessels.

Those interesting in yacht nursing should remember that they are considered staff, i.e. part of the crew. This means they may need to share small living quarters with other crew members and work beyond what is considered "nursing duties". However, the ability to travel, experience new places, and meet new people is enough to attract nurses into the field of yacht nursing.

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