Case management nurses have a very unique role in healthcare. They focus on the long-term care and management of patients, usually in a particular specialty (i.e., cancer patients, hepatitis, geriatrics, etc.). The benefit of case management nurses is that they collaborate with the entire interdisciplinary health care team to individualize the plan of care for patients.

Case management nurses usually work in healthcare organizations such as hospitals and outpatient clinics. However, there are opportunities to work from home. Working from home allows case management nurses to have a high level of autonomy and flexibility

One career opportunity is as an independent consultant. Some companies (i.e., insurance companies) hire case management nurses to manage claims. Sometimes the case management nurse working as a consultant must still attend meetings and meet with clients, etc., so it may not always be 100% home-based.

Other case management positions allow telephonic work, but occasionally visiting patients may be required, and checking in at "the office" may also be required.

Case management nurses looking to work from home must be self-directed and learn how to be self-paced. It can be challenging to create your own workflow at home, and nurses must know how to "shift gears" when necessary as there is an intermingling of both work and home. All in all, working from home allows for a healthy work-life balance once the case management nurse learns to structure their day to be able to complete their work and home responsibilities.

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