The journey from a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to a Registered Nurse (RN) represents a significant step in a healthcare professional’s career. However, the financial aspect of advancing education can concern many. Fortunately, several LPN to RN programs across the United States offer an excellent education without the burden of exorbitant tuition fees. This article delves into six programs that provide a cost-effective and high-quality route for LPNs seeking to become registered nurses.

1. Mississippi Delta Community College

Total Tuition Cost: $1,545 (30 Credits)

Mississippi Delta Community College recognizes the importance of accessibility in nursing education. With a total tuition cost of $1,545 for 30 credits, this program provides a budget-friendly path for LPNs aspiring to become RNs. Situated in the heart of Mississippi, this institution equips students with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful transition to become nurses in as little as a year. Aspiring RNs can confidently take their career to the next level through an affordable and well-structured curriculum.

To be eligible for this program you’ll need:

  • A current Mississippi LPN license
  • A high school diploma
  • The admissions requirements
  • Pay for and pass the TEAS exam
  • Have a current AHA-BLS Providers CPR card

This is not a complete list of requirements. Learn more about Mississippi Delta’s program here.

2. Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

Total Tuition Cost: $2,858.90 (59 Credits)

For LPNs looking to bridge the gap to RN status, the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology provides a program that values education and cost-effectiveness. With a total tuition cost of $2,858.90 for 59 credits, this program equips students with the skills and knowledge required for success in the nursing field. The institution’s dedication to balancing quality education and reasonable costs makes it a viable choice for aspiring RNs.

While some students prefer online learning options, OSUIT’s LPN to RN program is especially great for students who are looking for a hands-on educational experience. Their labs and classrooms are well-regarded and they pride themselves on faculty members who have really first-hand experience in the nursing field.

Learn about Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology’s program here.

3. Wharton County Junior College

Total In-District Tuition Cost: $3,525 (36 Credits)

Total Out of District Tuition Cost: $3,954 (36 Credits)

Total Out of State Tuition Cost: $5,202 (36 Credits)

Recognizing the diverse financial circumstances of prospective students, Wharton County Junior College offers a range of tuition costs for its LVN to RN program. With in-district tuition costs at $3,525, out-of-district tuition at $3,954, and out-of-state tuition at $5,202, this program caters to students from different backgrounds. By tailoring affordability options, Wharton County Junior College ensures that financial considerations do not hinder LVNs from pursuing their goals of becoming registered nurses.

All students

Learn more about Wharton County Junior College’s program here.

4. Olympic College

Total In-State Tuition: $4,202 (55 Credits)

Total Out of State Tuition: $9,740

Located in Washington state, Olympic College provides a cost-effective option for LPNs looking to transition to the role of RN – known as the LPN to RN ATA (Associate in Technical Arts) program. With in-state tuition costs of $4,202 and out-of-state tuition costs of $9,740, this program offers a pathway to advanced nursing education that remains within reach for a wide range of individuals.

Olympic College’s commitment to accessibility and affordability makes it an attractive choice for LPNs seeking to enhance their careers, but its price isn’t the only aspect that draws in many students every year–they also have one of the highest NCLEX pass rates in the country. Over the past three years, Olympia College saw an NCLEX pass rate of 89% or higher and in 2023, they saw a 100% pass rate.

Learn more about Olympic College’s program here.

5. College of Central Florida

Total In-State Tuition Cost: $ 6,775.20 (60 Credits)

Total Out of State Tuition Cost: $26,292 (60 Credits)

The College of Central Florida understands that a high-quality education should not be unaffordable. This institution offers an LPN to ADN program that strikes a harmonious balance between quality and affordability. While specific tuition costs may vary, the university’s commitment to cost-effectiveness ensures that LPNs can pursue their dreams of becoming RNs without incurring overwhelming financial burdens. With the College of Central Florida, students can embark on a journey of professional growth without breaking the bank.

Learn more about the College of Central Florida’s program here.

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