Why Enroll In an Accelerated Nursing Program?

Accelerated nursing programs (sometimes referred to as “second degree” nursing programs since applicants are required to have completed a non-nursing bachelor’s degree) are designed to cover a copious amount of material in a very short amount of time. No breaks are scheduled and a day of classes may be longer than traditional programs. The upside is that motivated students can enter nursing practice in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a traditional nursing program. For entry-level non-nurses, accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (ABSN) and accelerated Master’s degrees are available. There is also an option to enroll in a Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice (MENP) for those who wish to specialize in a nurse practitioner area of practice. To qualify for these programs, the prospective student must have a bachelor’s degree at minimum in a non-nursing major.

Upon graduating from an accelerated nursing program, students will need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam in order to become licensed. Accelerated MSN and MENP grads are also eligible to take any applicable advanced nursing or Nurse Practitioner examinations.

Accelerated Nursing Program Options

If you already have a non-nursing bachelor's degree (at minimum) and want to fast-track into a nursing career, you have several program options, depending on your goals. Check out these accelerated programs to get all the details.

Accelerated BSN

The Accelerated BSN program allows students to complete a nursing bachelor's degree in just 11-18 months - much faster than the traditional 4-year program.
Accelerated BSN Programs

Accelerated MSN

Motivated students who wish to pursue advanced practice nursing careers can complete an Accelerated MSN program in as little as 3 years of dedicated study.
Accelerated MSN Programs

Master's Entry to Nursing Practice (MENP)

For non-nurses who know they want to enter a specific advanced NP specialty, an MENP program can help them reach their goals in a shortened time frame.
MENP Programs

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