North Carolina is attracting potential and current nursing candidates by offering higher salaries, more room for advancement, and skill-specific job opportunities. The state is looking at a potential job increase of 3,500 per year over the next 5 years. Combine that with the average registered nurse's salary in the state, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports at $60,460, and you can see why nursing has become a desirable career field for many in the region.

For RN bridge programs visit:

ADN Programs in North Carolina

An Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) is one of the fastest ways to attain a nursing license. This 2-year program is offered at a variety of community and technical colleges throughout the state, and will qualify you to take your nursing licensure examination upon completion. ADN programs tend to be less expensive than longer nursing programs which take 4 or more years to complete.

There's no shortage of ADN programs in North Carolina, as over 50 schools in the state offer the degree.

What to Look For in an ADN Program in North Carolina

It's always advised to compare educational programs before deciding on the right one for you. You'll want to look into a variety of factors, including the following:


Proper accreditation is crucial for an ADN program's reputation. National organizations like the Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) are just two of the organizations that offer legitimate accreditations. You should also check to see that your program of choice is approved by the local North Carolina Board of Nursing.


To actually receive your nursing license, you'll have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) once you complete your ADN education. When comparing schools and programs, check the curriculum to ensure that it will prepare you to take and pass the NCLEX. Many schools will even provide statistics on pass rates from graduates of their program. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing reports that 91.8% of new nurse graduates in the state who took the NCLEX in 2015 received a license.

Program Outcomes

You will also want to see what kind of statistics your school can provide on outcomes from prior graduates. Pay particular attention to favorable reports on things such as:

  • Graduation rates
  • Licensure exam pass rates
  • Graduate satisfaction
  • Employment rates

As an example, Durham Technical Community College is just one of the many schools in North Carolina that offers an accredited ADN program.

ADN Program Admission Requirements in North Carolina

Each school and program will have its own variation of admission requirements, but in general you can expect to see things like:

  • Submit high school and any post-secondary transcripts
  • Achieve minimum English, Math, and Reading competencies on SAT or ACT exams
  • Achieve and maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Completion of one unit of high school biology and one unit of high school chemistry with grade of C or higher

Tuition and Costs of ADN Programs in North Carolina

You will need to carefully consider a few items when looking into program costs. Tuition is one of the big ones, but you'll also need to factor in things like textbooks, transportation, and other miscellaneous mandatory fees.

To give you a general idea regarding cost, the total estimated ADN program fees at Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh are approximately $14,000 for in-state students.

Advantages of ADN Programs

If you are looking to complete your nursing training quickly so that you can enter the workforce and start your career, an ADN is ideal. It's also perfect for those who are cost-conscious, as the relatively short program length combined with its availability at smaller colleges tends to make it much more affordable than a longer nursing program. The sheer number of ADN programs available throughout the state of North Carolina make it a snap to find an accredited program in a desirable location.

BSN Programs in North Carolina

A Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) is the next step up beyond an ADN, and is great for those who have the time and resources for a longer program. This traditional 4-year degree opens the door to more advanced nursing careers and higher salaries. Many schools also offer shorter RN to BSN programs for those who already hold a nursing license but want to advance to higher nursing positions.

North Carolina boasts over 25 pre-licensure BSN programs, and more than 20 RN to BSN programs.

What To Look For in a BSN Program in North Carolina

You will want to compare each school and program you are interested in to make sure you find the right fit. Cost, location, accreditation and program outcomes should all be top considerations. If you already hold a bachelor's degree or higher in another subject, you may want to look for a school with an accelerated BSN program, which is gaining popularity for those looking at nursing as a second career.

Pfeiffer University, located in Misenheimer, NC, is an example of a school with an accredited BSN program.

BSN Program Length in North Carolina

A regular, pre-nursing licensure BSN program will take you 4 years to complete. If you are doing an accelerated BSN, you can be done in as little as 15 months. RN to BSN programs, for those who already hold an ADN and want to advance, can take 1-2 years to complete depending on the school and the types of courses already completed.

BSN Program Admission Requirements in North Carolina

While requirements for each BSN program may vary, the following is sample of the types of admission requirements you're liable to face:

  • Completion of all pre-requisite courses with grade of C or better
  • Overall GPA of 2.8 or higher
  • Submission of one-page essay on the nursing profession
  • Clear criminal background check and drug screen

Tuition and Costs of BSN Programs in North Carolina

Tuition and other associated fees may fluctuate depending on the type of BSN you are applying to. Remember that you will need to cover tuition costs, as well as extras like textbooks and lab fees. There are usually other mandatory fees that you'll need to pay for that aren't necessarily included with the tuition price, so always double-check to make sure you understand the full cost of the program.

For example, the estimated comprehensive tuition rate for a BSN at Queens University of Charlotte is roughly $31,360 per year.

Advantages of BSN Programs

If you are looking for a traditional university experience, and know that you want to work at a higher level of responsibility within the nursing field, a BSN is a great choice. The versatility of this type of degree is also a big draw, as you can earn one straight out of high school, or go through a specialized program if you already hold a bachelor's degree or a nursing license.

MSN Programs in North Carolina

To reach one of the highest and most respected areas of nursing, a Master's of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) is your ideal educational choice. An MSN is for those who want to go into more advanced nursing careers such as Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife, or Nurse Practitioner, among others. Nurses holding this advanced degree also have the potential to earn much more money.

North Carolina has roughly 15 schools that offer a general MSN degree throughout the state, as well as about 7 schools that offer an MSN-Nurse Anesthesia program.

MSN Program Length in North Carolina

Many people wonder how long a graduate MSN program will take to complete, since you must already hold at least a BSN in order to apply. Because these programs are designed for busy working nurses to complete, the length can vary. Generally speaking, it will take roughly 2-3 years to complete your MSN. Keep in mind that these programs sometimes offer flexible coursework in the form of night and/or online classes.

MSN Admission Requirements in North Carolina

Most MSN programs will have the following requirements in order to gain acceptance, although you should check with your school of choice to see what they specifically require:

  • Must possess a BSN from a regionally accredited college and a nationally accredited nursing program
  • Minimum 2.85 cumulative GPA
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Current RN license and one year clinical experience within the last 5 years

Tuition and Costs of MSN Programs in North Carolina

Tuition and costs for an MSN can vary depending on the type of specialty you are interested in going into. You'll have to cover the cost of tuition of course, as well as additional fees for things like books and labs. To provide an idea about the cost of an MSN program in the state, the total estimated in-state cost for tuition and fees at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill is $43,652.09 for an MSN with a Family Nurse Practitioner specialty.

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Getting a North Carolina Nursing License

North Carolina regulations for licensure by examination or by endorsement require a candidate to demonstrate their eligibility by submitting a completed application, subsequent fees and the following information:

If applying by examination you must meet these criteria and provide the following information:

  • Graduate of a state approved School of Nursing - transcripts automatically sent from school to board upon completion
  • Registration for NCLEX - obtain successful completion of exam
  • Criminal Background Check - including fingerprints

If applying by endorsement you must include the following with a completed application:

  • Proof of education
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Successful completion of NCLEX or SBTPE
  • Verification of licensure from originating state
  • Previous Employment information

Accelerated Nursing Programs in North Carolina

Investing in your career can be done before you even graduate, you can accelerate your learning and earn your degree faster making advancements and opportunities available sooner. Programs are offered throughout the state in more than 5 different colleges and run anywhere from 10 to 15 months in length. If you are currently working and are looking to upgrade your degree there are bridging options as well. Accelerated degree programs are intensive in nature due to the full-time commitment they require, and because clinical hours run consecutively. Entrance requirements and tuitions vary depending on the program, as well as the courses required prior to being accepted.

2018 Best RN Programs in North Carolina


Selecting the best nursing school in North Carolina can be difficult. To make the process easier first look for a school that supports students towards licensure and beyond. A great way to measure this is through NCLEX-RN "pass rates." We have ranked the top 30 nursing schools in North Carolina by analyzing current and historical NCLEX-RN "pass rates", meaning the percentage of graduates who pass the exam, out of the 79 RN programs in the state. Programs reviewed include schools that offer an Associate in Nursing (ADN/ASN), BSN, or Direct-Entry MSN Degree.

For more information on our top nursing school rankings, see our Methodology Page (


College of The Albemarle

1208 N Road St, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 (252) 335-0821

College of The Albemarle in Elizabeth City is home to a renowned nursing program. Experienced nurse educators guide students to theoretical and clinical models of thought and research that spark lifelong patient advocacy and professional development. Follow the link to learn more about the .

Score: 98.70| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Cape Fear Community College

411 N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401 (910) 362-7000

Cape Fear Community College is home to a top of the line RN preparation program. CFCC provides high quality education to individuals in the community seeking a career as a registered nurse and promotes the transition of the licensed practical nurse into the role of the registered nurse. Learn more by visiting the .

Score: 98.40| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Mitchell Community College

500 W Broad St, Statesville, NC 28677 (704) 878-3200

Mitchell Community College in Statesville, North Carolina produces nursing graduates who are proactive in their pursuit for community wellness, as well as caring facilitators of individual patient care plans. MCC graduates are a welcome addition to the healthcare field. Check out the official .

Score: 98.40| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Johnston Community College

245 College Rd, Smithfield, NC 27577 (919) 934-3051

Johnston Community College in Smithfield, North Carolina creates nursing graduates that possess the theoretical and practical knowledge of nursing. With this foundation, JCC nursing graduates are a premier pick for employment. Follow the link to learn more about the .

Score: 98.26| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Western Carolina University

28 Schenck Pkwy, Ste 309, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 654-6499

Western Carolina University in Asheville, North Carolina is surrounded by national forest. BSN and MSN degree students are welcomed to the idyllic area communities as new nurses, and are ready to serve area needs and those further afield. Visit the to learn more.

Score: 98.04| Programs: BSN

Robeson Community College

5160 Fayetteville Rd, Lumberton, NC 28360 (910) 272-3700

Robeson Community College is located in Lumberton, North Carolina and is home to a high rank Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program. Those who complete the ADN program at Robeson Community College are well prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to find success on the national licensure examination and beyond. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to integrate safety and quality into nursing care. Check out the official .

Score: 97.54| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Watts School of Nursing

2828 Croasdaile Dr #200, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 470-7348

Watts School of Nursing is an integral part of the Durham community. Those who complete the program are ready to make a different in the lives of their patients and their communities. Get all the program details by visiting the .

Score: 97.51| Programs: Diploma

Duke University

307 Trent Dr, Durham, NC 27708 (919) 684-4248

Duke University in Durham, North Carolina is offers one of the state's foremost nursing programs. Duke's BSN and MSN options allow students to excel in scholarship and clinical practice with a strong foundation in the art, science, and leadership skills required for nursing. Learn more by visiting the .

Score: 97.24| Programs: BSN

Gaston College

201 Highway U.S. 321 S, Dallas, NC 28034 (704) 922-6200

Gaston College is home to a high quality Associate Degree in Nursing program. ADN graduates from Gaston College are prepared to confidently enter the field of healthcare knowing they have been instilled with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to integrate safety and quality into their care. Learn more by visiting the .

Score: 97.05| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Wake Technical Community College

9101 Fayetteville Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 866-5000

Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina is located almost in the center of the state. WTCC nursing graduates are welcomed to the profession due to their motivation for continued professional development and their adherence to ethical nursing principles. Follow the link to learn more about the .

Score: 96.74| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Lenoir Community College

231 Hwy 58 South, Kinston, NC 28504 (252) 527-6223

Lenoir Community College in Kinston, North Carolina is located north of Jacksonville. With an excellent nursing program, LCC graduates are strong professionals who subject all decisions to a professional ethical code. Follow the link to learn more about the .

Score: 96.49| Programs: Associate in Nursing

East Carolina University

1001 E 5th St, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 744-6433

East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina is home to prestigious BSN and MSN degree tracks for nursing students. Graduates of the programs have an in-depth understanding of healthcare policy as well as patient communications and are a strong addition to the healthcare team. Learn more by visiting the .

Score: 96.27| Programs: BSN

University of North Carolina - Wilmington

601 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403 (910) 962-3000

University of North Carolina - Wilmington is home to an extolled BSN and MSN degree nursing program. Pre-licensure and transfer students balance key concepts delivered through theory and practice in order to become the best nurses they are capable of becoming. Visit the to learn more.

Score: 96.09| Programs: BSN

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill Carrington Hall, CB#7460, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 (919) 966-4260

University of North Carolina (UNC) - Chapel Hill campus fosters strong BSN and MSN graduates. Nurses from UNC are proud of their alma mater and use the skills gained there to propel them forward in professional arenas. Follow the link to learn more about the .

Score: 96.01| Programs: BSN

Brunswick Community College

50 College Road, Bolivia, NC 28422 (800) 754-1050

Brunswick Community College takes pride in their nursing program as their faculty has a deep respect for all students. The ADN program is committed to preparing the next generation of excellent Registered Nurses and allied health professionals. BCC embraces the values of caring, diversity, excellence, integrity, respectfulness, responsibility, safety, and professionalism. Check out the official .

Score: 95.99| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

2855 Hickory Blvd, Hudson, NC 28638 (828) 726-2200

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute of Hudson, North Carolina gives its nursing graduates a strong foundation in patient care, community advocacy and managing the requirements of the healthcare team. Follow the link to learn more about the .

Score: 95.20| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Forsyth Technical Community College

2100 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 (336) 723-0371

Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem North Carolina produces nursing graduates from its esteemed program that have a solid foundation in nursing and social sciences, as well as honed leadership and advocacy abilities. Visit the to learn more.

Score: 95.12| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Carolinas College of Health Sciences

1200 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203 (704) 355-5043

Graduates from Carolinas College of Health Sciences are experienced generalists with knowledge on many specialty areas. The curriculum is designed to give students experience in several different nursing environments. CCHS believes this enables students to experience many different areas before they decide on an area of specialty. Learn more by visiting the .

Score: 94.85| Programs: Associate in Nursing, LPN to ADN

Sandhills Community College

3395 Airport Rd, Pinehurst, NC 28374 (910) 692-6185

Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, North Carolina is one of the state's foremost nursing programs. Students work diligently in the classroom, lab and clinic to integrate knowledge in order to be the best nurse possible. Learn more by visiting the .

Score: 94.67| Programs: Associate in Nursing, LPN to ADN

Fayetteville State University

1200 Murchison Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28301 (910) 672-1111

Fayetteville State University is committed to helping students achieve success so they will be prepared to contribute to the profession of nursing and the global society. This outstanding program has thrived through-out their history to meet the needs of Registered Nurses in the region and beyond. Check out the official .

Score: 94.50| Programs: BSN

Central Piedmont Community College

1201 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204 (704) 330-6496

Central Piedmont Community College's ADN curriculum provides knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to integrate safety and quality into nursing care, to practice in a dynamic environment, and to meet individual needs which impact health, quality of life, and achievement of potential. Get all the program details by visiting the .

Score: 94.07| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Surry Community College

630 S Main St, Dobson, NC 27017 (336) 386-8121

Surry Community College offers an ADN program that builds upon the domains of healthcare, nursing practice, and the holistic individual. The goal of the program is to help students successfully pass the NCLEX-RN exam and find employment in the vast global healthcare system. Visit the to learn more.

Score: 93.81| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Western Piedmont Community College

1001 Burkemont Ave, Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 438-6000

Morganton’s Western Piedmont Community College offers an Associate Degree in Nursing with a curriculum based on knowledge, skills, and strategies to integrate safety into quality nursing care. Graduates of the program will be able to communicate effectively, make skilled judgments, and educate families and patients to promote optimal health. Visit the to learn more.

Score: 93.71| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Carteret Community College

3505 Arendell St, Morehead City, NC 28557 (252) 222-6000

The Associate Degree Nursing program at Carteret Community College provides knowledge, skills, and strategies to integrate safety and quality into nursing care. Graduates are confident to practice in a dynamic environment and to meet individual needs which impact health, quality of life, and achievement of potential. Check out the official .

Score: 93.50| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Wayne Community College

3000 Wayne Memorial Dr, Goldsboro, NC 27534 (919) 735-5151

Wayne Community College is answering the call for more nurses by educating students with an ADN pathway. The program incorporates classroom, laboratory, and clinical practice to train nurses as a provider and manager of care, and as a member of an interdisciplinary health team. Check out the official .

Score: 93.21| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Davidson County Community College

297 Davidson Community College Rd, Thomasville, NC 27360 (336) 249-8186

Davidson County Community College boasts an ADN program using problem-based learning (PBL) as its primary teaching method. PBL means that students work together in small groups to identify and explore patient cases, and then research these issues to discuss later in the group. This program uses minimal lectures as teaching methods, and encourages independence and initiative from students. Visit the to learn more.

Score: 92.83| Programs: Associate in Nursing

Queens University of Charlotte

2025 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte, NC 28274 (704) 337-2314

Queens University of Charlotte’s Presbyterian School of Nursing offers BSN pathways for aspiring nurses. In addition to a traditional BSN, they also offer an accelerated BSN (ABSN) for those who have already earned a non-nursing degree, and an RN-BSN program for nurses with an associate’s degree. Follow the link to learn more about the .

Score: 92.80| Programs: BSN, RN to BSN

Lenoir-Rhyne University

625 7th Ave NE, Hickory, NC 28601 (828) 328-1741

Lenoir-Rhyne University offers a traditional BSN and an RN-BSN degree, and created the first fully accredited program at a faith-based college or university. These programs strive to educate nursing leaders who influence the quality of healthcare through the use of information technology, clinical judgment, and research. Learn more by visiting the .

Score: 92.56| Programs: BSN, RN to BSN

Gardner-Webb University Hunt School of Nursing

110 S Main St, Boiling Springs, NC 28017 (704) 406-4000

Hunt School of Nursing at Gardner-Webb University provides excellent, high-quality, student-centered RN programs based on current national competencies of nursing practice. Their diverse student population is taught to meet the global healthcare needs of individuals, groups, and communities. Holistic nursing practice, Christian caring, critical thinking, and professionalism are modeled by each nursing faculty member. Get all the program details by visiting the .

Score: 92.43| Programs: Associate in Nursing, BSN

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

401 Medical Park Drive, Concord, NC 28025 (704) 403-1555

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences was founded in 1942 with the mandate to support the field of health care both locally and statewide. Located in Concord, North Carolina, CCHS graduates are welcomed into the ranks of professional nurses. Visit the to learn more.

Score: 92.10| Programs: Associate in Nursing, RN to BSN

Continued List of All RN Programs in North Carolina

#31 Richmond Community College
1042 W Hamlet Ave, Hamlet, NC 28345
(910) 410-1700
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#32 Fayetteville Technical Community College
2201 Hull Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 678-8400
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#33 Coastal Carolina Community College
444 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546
(910) 455-1221
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#34 Catawba Valley Community College
2550 US Highway 70 SE, Hickory, NC 28602
(828) 327-7000
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#35 Appalachian State University
287 Rivers St, Boone, NC 28608
(828) 262-3113
Programs: BSN, RN to BSN, MSN
#36 University of North Carolina - Greensboro
237 McIver St, Greensboro, NC 27412
(336) 334-5010
Programs: BSN, RN to BSN, MSN
#37 Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
340 Victoria Rd, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 398-7900
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#38 Craven Community College
800 College Ct, New Bern, NC 28562
(252) 638-7200
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#39 Stanly Community College
141 College Dr, Albemarle, NC 28001
(704) 982-0121
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#40 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223
(704) 687-8622
Programs: BSN, RN to BSN, RN to MSN
#41 Wilson Community College
902 Herring Ave E, Wilson, NC 27893
(252) 291-1195
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#42 South Piedmont Community College
3509 Old Charlotte Highway, , Monroe, NC 28110
(704) 290-5100
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#43 Foothills Nursing Consortium
137 South Post Road, Shelby, NC 28150
(704) 669-4073
Programs: Associate in Nursing, BSN
#44 Pitt Community College
1986 Pitt Tech Road, Winterville, NC 28590
(252) 493-7200
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#45 Randolph Community College
629 Industrial Park Ave, Asheboro, NC 27205
(336) 633-0200
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#46 Winston - Salem State University
601 S Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27110
(336) 750-2000
Programs: BSN, MSN
#47 Sampson Community College
1801 Sunset Ave, Clinton, NC 28328
(910) 592-8081
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#48 Blue Ridge Community College
Box 80, One College Lane, Weyers Cave, NC 24486
(540) 234-9261
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#49 Mayland Community College
200 Mayland Ln, Spruce Pine, NC 28777
(828) 765-7351
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#50 Rockingham Community College
215 Wrenn Memorial Rd, Wentworth, NC 27375
(336) 342-4261
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#51 Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
1333 Jake Alexander Blvd South, Salisbury, NC 28146
(704) 216-7222
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#52 Vance-Granville Community College
200 Community College Rd, Henderson, NC 27536
(252) 492-2061
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#53 James Sprunt Community College
133 James Sprunt Dr, Kenansville, NC 28349
(910) 296-2400
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#54 ECPI University
5555 Greenwich Rd, Virginia Beach, NC 23462
(757) 517-3903
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#55 Bladen Community College
7418 NC Hwy 41W, Dublin, NC 28332
(910) 879-5500
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#56 Guilford Technical Community College
601 E Main St, Jamestown, NC 27282
(336) 334-4822
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#57 Southwestern Community College
447 College Drive, Sylva, NC 28779
(828) 339-4000
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#58 Halifax Community College
100 College Dr, Weldon, NC 27890
(252) 536-4221
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#59 North Carolina A&T State University
1601 E Market St, Greensboro, NC 27401
(336) 274-2664
Programs: BSN
#60 University of North Carolina - Pembroke
1 University Drive, Pembroke, NC 28372
(910) 521-6000
Programs: BSN
#61 Wingate University
220 N Camden Rd, Wingate, NC 28174
(704) 233-8000
Programs: BSN
#62 Pfeiffer University
48380 US-52, Misenheimer, NC 28109
(800) 338-2060
Programs: BSN
#63 Alamance Community College
1247 Jimmie Kerr Rd, Graham, NC 27253
(336) 578-2002
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#64 Edgecombe Community College
225 Tarboro St, Rocky Mount, NC 27801
(252) 823-5166
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#65 Nash Community College
522 N Old Carriage Rd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804
(252) 443-4011
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#66 Southeastern Community College
4564 Chadbourn Hwy PO Box 151 , Whiteville, NC 28472
(910) 642-7141
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#67 Wilkes Community College
1328 S Collegiate Dr, Wilkesboro, NC 28697
(336) 838-6100
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#68 Barton College
200 Atlantic Christian Col Dr NE, Wilson, NC 27893
(800) 345-4973
Programs: BSN
#69 Durham Technical Community College
1637 E Lawson St, Durham, NC 27703
(919) 536-7200
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#70 Beaufort County Community College
5337 US-264, Washington, NC 27889
(252) 946-6194
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#71 North Carolina Central University
1801 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27701
(919) 530-6100
Programs: BSN
#72 Piedmont Community College
1715 College Dr, Roxboro, NC 27573
(336) 599-1181
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#73 Roanoke-Chowan Community College
109 Community College Rd, Ahoski, NC 27910
(252) 862-1200
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#74 Methodist University
5400 Ramsey St, Fayetteville, NC 28311
(910) 630-7000
Programs: BSN
#75 South College - Asheville
140 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 398-2500
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#76 Central Carolina Community College
764 West Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919) 775-5401
Programs: Associate in Nursing
#77 Lees-McRae College
, , NC
Programs: BSN
#78 South University - High Point
, , NC
Programs: BSN
#79 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28223
(704) 687-8622
Programs: RN to BSN, RN to MSN

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