Pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a significant step in a nurse’s career, providing advanced skills and leadership capabilities. While the journey to a DNP can be demanding, the time commitment aspect need not be a barrier. In 2023-2024, numerous universities offer accelerated DNP programs, allowing nurses to pursue their academic aspirations quicker than average. This article explores ten of the quickest DNP programs for 2023-2024, each offering a convenient route to an esteemed DNP degree.

1. University of Minnesota

Length: 12 Months

The University of Minnesota’s post-master’s DNP program stands out as an exceptional opportunity for nurses seeking a rapid yet cost-effective path to a doctorate. Completing the program in just 12 months, students can efficiently advance their careers while managing their financial investment wisely.

The University of Minnesota’s commitment to student success in its DNP program is a testament to its dedication to empowering nurses. This 12-month program balances a shortened timeframe and comprehensive education, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to assume leadership roles in healthcare.

Learn more about the University of Minnesota’s program here.

2. University of Miami

Length: 12 months

The University of Miami’s 12-month DNP program offers nurses an efficient avenue toward their doctoral aspirations. This program combines academic excellence with a rapid timeline, making it an attractive choice for those seeking to minimize financial burdens while advancing their careers.

Within a single year, students at the University of Miami can complete their DNP, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary for advanced nursing practice and leadership. The university’s commitment to affordability ensures that students can invest in their education without compromising their financial stability.

Learn more about the University of Miami’s program here.

3. Samford University

Length: 12 Months

Samford University’s 12-month DNP program is a testament to the institution’s dedication to providing nurses with a cost-effective and accelerated path to a doctorate. This program empowers nurses to become leaders in their field without the prolonged financial strain often associated with advanced degrees. Several areas of concentration are available with Samford’s DNP.

In just one year, students at Samford University can complete their DNP, a remarkable achievement in terms of both time and cost-effectiveness. The program’s mission is to produce skilled and compassionate nurse leaders who can effect positive change in healthcare.

Learn more about Samford University’s program here.

4. Holy Family University

Length: 12 Months

Holy Family University’s Online Post-MSN to DNP Leadership for the APRN program stands as a beacon of affordability and efficiency in nursing education. The program caters to nurses seeking a swift yet cost-effective route to advanced leadership roles.

Nurses enrolled in Holy Family University’s DNP program can complete their doctorate within a year (3 semesters), allowing them to apply their advanced skills and knowledge in a timely manner. The university’s commitment to high-quality education and convenience ensures that students can succeed in reaching their doctorate goals.

Learn more about Holy Family University’s program here.

5. Chatham University

Length: 12 Months

Chatham University’s post-master’s DNP program is designed to provide nurses with an efficient and affordable pathway to a doctorate. By combining a condensed timeline with cost-effective tuition, this program empowers nurses to reach their academic and career goals without excessive financial burdens.

Chatham University recognizes the importance of affordability in nursing education. Graduates of the DNP program, which can be completed in 3 terms or 5 terms, emerge not only with advanced nursing expertise but also with financial stability, allowing them to make a significant impact in the healthcare field.

Learn more about Chatham University’s program here.

6. Francis Marion University

Length: 12 Months

Francis Marion University’s 12-month DNP program, designed for those who already hold an MSN, is a prime example of an accelerated education option for nurses. This program caters to individuals seeking to elevate their nursing practice and leadership skills without the lengthy time commitment that many doctorate programs require.

Completing the DNP in just one year, graduates of Francis Marion University are well-prepared to take on advanced roles in healthcare. The program’s comprehensive curriculum and dedication to student success make this DNP program a great option for those eager to start their advanced nursing careers.

Learn more about Francis Marion University’s program here.

7. Westminster University

Length: 12 Months

Westminster University’s 12-month DNP program for post-MS students offers a swift and affordable path to advanced nursing practice and leadership. This program is designed to equip nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a variety of healthcare settings.

In just three semesters, students at Utah’s Westminster University can complete their DNP, allowing them to contribute effectively to healthcare improvements. The program’s hybrid learning model allows students to complete online and in-person courses for maximum convenience.

Learn more about Westminster University’s program here.

8. Northeastern University

Length: 16 Months

Northeastern University’s Bouve College of Nursing offers a 16-month DNP program that strikes a balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This program caters to nurses who seek a comprehensive education in a reasonable timeframe without incurring excessive debt.

In just over a year, students at Boston’s Northeastern University can complete their DNP, gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for advanced nursing practice and leadership. The program is available for those with at least 2 years of active advanced nursing experience and an MSN or related healthcare degree.

Learn more about Northeastern’s program here.

9. Gannon University

Length: 16 Months

Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, Gannon University’s 16-month DNP program offers nurses an accelerated route to a doctorate. This program empowers nurses to advance their careers and leadership skills without the financial strain often associated with advanced degrees.

In just over a year, graduates of Gannon University’s DNP program are well-prepared to take on advanced roles in healthcare. The 100% online format makes it easy for students to fit in their coursework wherever they reside.

Learn more about Gannon University’s program here.

10. Frontier Nursing University

Length: 18 Months

Frontier Nursing University’s 18-month post-master’s DNP program combines efficiency with affordability, providing nurses with a manageable timeframe and reasonable tuition costs. This program is designed to accommodate the schedules of working nurses while ensuring they receive a high-quality education.

Frontier Nursing University’s commitment to affordability is reflected in its mission to prepare nurses for leadership roles in healthcare. Graduates of the 18-month DNP program emerge well-prepared to address complex healthcare challenges in a variety of medical settings.

Learn more about Frontier’s program here.

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