Civilian Nurses in Military Healthcare Facilities Staff Writers | Updated/Verified: Feb 18, 2024

Many temporary staffing companies and travel nursing companies provide nurses to military facilities on a short-term basis. For example, NEXT Travel Nursing company matches the needs of the government and military medical facilities to the skills and expertise of the nurse. Being a travel nurse is a great way to experience military medicine with all the perks of a traveler.

The Veterans Health Administration (VA), Department of Defense Air Force Medical Corps, and the Navy Medical Corps utilize to hire nurses and staff to their medical facilities beyond what is available from active duty and reserve nurses. Nurses who wish to provide care via this pathway for the listed organizations must pass rigorous background screenings in addition to the interview process.

Nearly 60% of some military hospitals are staffed with civilian workers. The Army refers to this work as Civilian Corps and offers a connection for those interested in becoming a non-military healthcare professional in a military setting. From RN to LPN to Advance Practice Nurses, working with military service members and their families requires commitment and additional competencies. You can also search our RN job board for possible options.

Not only have recent events of the challenges with care being provided by the VA brought light to the issues of our veterans, but historically we must acknowledge the specialized approach to care that many service members require. Many nursing programs are partnering with military medical facilities to create competencies for nurses that are related to the care of veterans. These core concepts include understanding the military culture, poly-trauma, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and the issues facing families and caregivers of our nation's heroes.