Nurse practitioners are fortunate in that they not only enjoy autonomous and independent (or near-independent) practice, but they enjoy career flexibility as well. They can work in hospitals, clinics, private practices, and businesses.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks down the employment settings for nurse practitioners, along with the corresponding mean wages. According to the website, the highest paying nurse practitioner jobs are:

  • Personal Care Services (i.e. home care services): Mean annual wage $136,280
  • Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting: Mean annual wage $132,010
  • Specialty Services: Mean annual wage $117,120
  • Dental Offices: Mean annual wage $116,820
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services: Mean annual wage $114,530

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While the above-listed industries for nurse practitioners are considered the "top paying" industries, it's important to note that the employment numbers are considerably low. For example, "Personal Care Services" is the top paying industry, but only accounts for 0.05% of industry employment. There is a higher employment level for Specialty NPs, but still only accounts for 0.78% of industry employment.

There are higher concentrations of nurse practitioner jobs in areas such as Physician's Offices, Outpatient Care Centers, and of course, hospitals. However, for those interested in a non-hospital NP jobs, specialty areas are the way to go. Among the highest paying AND highest employment concentration non-hospital jobs for NPs, the following are the top industries:

  • Specialty areas: Mean annual wage $117,120
  • Outpatient Care Centers: Mean annual wage $107,160
  • Physician Offices: Mean annual wage $103,030
  • Offices of Other Health Professionals: Mean annual wage $102,160

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