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How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make?

There are a few factors that will determine a nurse practitioner's salary:

Type of Employer

NPs can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, private practices, government agencies, and more. Typically, private practices offer the most room for salary negotiation, while hospitals and government agencies may have budgeted salary schedules that may not be as flexible.


City and state can make a dramatic difference in NP salary, as things like cost of living must be factored in. Larger urban cities and more populous states tend to offer higher salaries, while rural areas may fall on the lower end of the national average. Currently, the average salary for a nurse practitioner is $115,800 annually. New York falls on the higher end of the spectrum, with the average salary of an NP in the state landing at $122,550 annually, while Alabama NPs are on the lower end of the spectrum, with an annual average salary of $99,570 based on the latest available BLS data from May 2019.

Experience & Degree Level

NPs with a high level of experience and applicable certifications can usually earn more than those just starting out, and degree level may make an impact as well. While a graduate-level degree is standard for NPs, those with a doctorate degree (DNP) may have access to the most prestigious and highest-paying NP roles. See DNP salaries.

What Is the Highest-Paid Nurse Practitioner Specialty?

This can vary depending on all the factors listed above. Many organizations have NPs that are unionized; therefore pay is periodically negotiated. Other organizations pay depending on experience and practice. Hospital systems and large organizations tend to pay more than private offices.

Certain specialties have a higher demand for NPs; therefore higher pay may be offered. With baby-boomers and the elderly population dominating healthcare in the United States, Adult-Gerontology, Family, and Women’s Health NPs have more opportunities in the job market, and therefore may offer higher compensation.

Nurse Practitioner Salary Per Hour

Based on the factors listed above, many prospective nurse practitioners are curious to know how much they will earn per hour. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national mean hourly wage for nurse practitioners is $53.77 as of May 2019 (latest available data). Most NPs earn an hourly median wage of between $39.14 and $73.16.

The top-paying industries for nurse practitioners are as follows (mean):

  • Community Food and Housing, and Emergency and Other Relief Services, with a mean hourly wage of $66.90
  • Religious Organizations, with a mean hourly wage of $62.00
  • Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Facilities, with a mean hourly wage of $59.57
  • Grantmaking and Giving Services, with a mean hourly wage of $59.50
  • Outpatient Care Centers, with a mean hourly wage of $57.65

Nurse Practitioner Salary Table

Location Total Employment Annual Salary
United States 258,230 $121,610
Alabama 4,390 $101,150
Alaska 680 $128,870
Arizona 6,240 $120,480
Arkansas 2,970 $102,880
California 19,130 $157,160
Colorado 3,630 $118,590
Connecticut 2,910 $130,090
Delaware 990 $122,530
District of Columbia 730 $125,370
Florida 18,530 $107,600
Georgia 8,110 $112,090
Hawaii 530 $135,760
Idaho 1,170 $116,710
Illinois 7,990 $124,840
Indiana 6,480 $119,160
Iowa 2,610 $123,460
Kansas 3,070 $108,350
Kentucky 4,520 $104,630
Louisiana 4,280 $115,620
Maine 1,300 $112,210
Maryland 4,170 $117,540
Massachusetts 7,190 $133,030
Michigan 7,250 $109,250
Minnesota 5,300 $128,020
Mississippi 4,000 $108,920
Missouri 7,290 $106,640
Montana 730 $127,350
Nebraska 1,610 $115,920
Nevada 1,800 $130,050
New Hampshire 1,510 $125,450
New Jersey 6,640 $136,480
New Mexico 1,650 $125,190
New York 17,670 *
North Carolina 8,040 $111,140
North Dakota 570 $107,680
Ohio 10,730 $113,040
Oklahoma 2,700 $121,010
Oregon 1,880 $132,230
Pennsylvania 7,560 $116,980
Rhode Island 1,390 $121,310
South Carolina 3,960 $103,950
South Dakota 810 $108,250
Tennessee 13,060 $103,080
Texas 18,820 $121,270
Utah 2,740 $112,490
Vermont 800 $115,940
Virginia 7,040 $110,860
Washington 4,150 $134,200
West Virginia 1,640 $104,290
Wisconsin 4,790 $120,700
Wyoming 460 $112,770

Table data taken from 2022 BLS (

Nurse Practitioner Specialties and Salaries

Nurse practitioners can enjoy entering a wide variety of specialties, depending on where their skills and interests lie. Most MSN and DNP programs allow NPs to choose a concentration as part of their degree. Some common NP specialties and corresponding salary info are found below.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary

Acute Care NPs typically work in hospitals and other urgent care settings, performing patient rounds and assisting in procedures. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner salaries range from $86,000 to $125,000 annually, but the median national salary is $101,342 according to PayScale.

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Salary

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioners work with patients in the teenage years and beyond. They may perform physicals and exams, educate patients and families on good health practices, and more. This type of NP may go into acute or primary care. Adult Gerontology NP salaries range from $73,000 to $110,000 annually. The median national annual salary comes in at $90,102.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary

Emergency NPs work in hospital and urgent care settings, ordering diagnostic tests and administering aid to emergency patients who cannot wait to see their regular physician. Emergency NP salaries range from $77,000 to $126,000 annually, with the average salary landing at $96,841.

Family Nurse Practitioner Salary

The Family Nurse Practitioner, or FNP, cares for patients across the lifespan, from infancy to old age. They perform many of the tasks that a physician might perform, including routine physicals and exams, and emphasize preventive health measures. FNP salaries range from $79,000 to $117,000 with $94,232 being the average salary.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

A Pediatric NP treats and cares for children in the pediatrics wing of a hospital or medical facility, assisting physicians and ordering tests, prescribing medication or therapy, and counseling families. Pediatric NP salaries range from $73,000 to $112,000 with an average annual salary of $89,764.

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Salary

A Women's Health Nurse Practitioner treats female patients with a variety of women's health or reproductive issues. They may screen for breast or reproductive cancers, educate and provide care for pregnant women, and more. Women's Health NP salaries range from $72,000 to $113,000 annually. The average annual salary for this role lands at $91,270.

All specialty NP salaries sourced from

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