Nurses who wish to advance their careers and increase their earning potential have the opportunity to complete a Mississippi Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing program. There are several program options offered by universities within the state as well as online program options, all geared toward the MSN-prepared RN.

The variety of program options allows nurses to pursue their desired specializations that are likely their true passion in nursing.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Admission Requirements in Mississippi

The admission requirements for a Mississippi post-graduate certificate in nursing program is similar among the different colleges and universities. There are some potential differences in the requirements for admission, even among programs at the same school.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing requires that students adhere to admission requirements that include:

  • Completion of a prior BSN and MSN degree that included courses in upper division theory and clinical practical nursing courses
  • Minimum of 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  • A minimum of one-year clinical experience as a registered nurse
  • Current unrestricted RN licensure to practice in the U.S. and eligibility for Mississippi licensure or privilege to practice in the state where the nurse will have clinical practice

Nurses should consult with the department of nursing or admissions department at the school they wish to attend for specific admission requirements.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Classes and Courses

The required classes and courses vary among the post-graduate certificate in nursing programs in Mississippi. The University of Southern Mississippi offers the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate program. The courses and classes include:

  • NUR 630 – Psychobiological Theories and Assessment in Advanced Psychiatric Nursing
  • NUR 631 – Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Diagnosis Management with Individuals
  • NUR 631L – Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Practicum
  • NUR 634L – Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Practicum III
  • NUR 635 – FPMHNP Diagnosis and Management Groups/Families
  • NUR 635L – Family Psychiatric Mental Health NP Practicum II
  • NUR 636 – Psychopharmacology

This program at the University of Southern Mississippi consists of 25 credit hours of study.

Program Length

There is no specific program length for all post-graduate certificate in nursing programs. The length of each program depends on specific requirements for the school, and other potential requirements. In general, however, post-grad nursing certificates are significantly faster to complete than full degree programs, often requiring just a handful of semesters.

Check with each Mississippi Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing program to learn the program length for the various concentrations.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

The post-master’s certificate in nursing programs in the State of Mississippi vary by the school, and sometimes by the department of nursing. For example, the cost of tuition for completing the Post-Graduate APRN Certificate program at the Mississippi University for Women is $412.50 per credit hour.

It is important to know that the tuition rate covers only the cost of attending the classes. Tuition generally does not include other costs, such as required malpractice insurance costs, books, equipment, or fees.

Online Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs in Mississippi

Some students do not have the time for attending on-campus classes. Students who enroll in a post-graduate certificate in nursing program in Mississippi but reside in another state likely need to pursue their program choice in an online format.

Other reasons for choosing an online program option include work requirements, family responsibilities, or the desire to complete coursework whenever and wherever the student wishes.

Featured Online School

The Delta State University Post-Master’s Certificate program gives students the opportunity to complete program requirements online. The school requires that nurses complete their clinical hours in Mississippi or Arkansas for one program option.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Career Pathways in Mississippi

Post-master’s nursing certificate career pathways sometimes depend on the specific certificate specialization or program track. There are many potential career pathways, including:

Post-Graduate Nursing Certificate Salary and Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) explains that the job outlook for nurses with post-graduate education is ‘much faster than average.’ With hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country facing nursing shortages, highly skilled specialty RNs continue to be in great demand. The BLS May 2018 Employment and Wages for Mississippi lists $109,700 as the annual mean salary for nurse practitioners.

List of Mississippi Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs

There are several program and specialization options for nurses who want to complete a post-master’s certificate in nursing program in Mississippi. Check our listings below to find available options in the state.

Cleveland, MS

Columbus, MS

Graduate Certificate Programs
1100 College Street
Columbus, MS 39701
(187) 746-2843 x9

Hattiesburg, MS

118 College Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39406
(601) 266-1000

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