Entry-Level ADN Programs in Billings, MT

If you care for others and have a knack for working and communicating with people from all walks of life, then you might consider a career in the stable yet evolving field of nursing. In Billings, Montana there are several ways to enter or advance in the field depending on your career goals and life circumstances. ADN and BSN programs start year round so anytime is a good time to enter or advance your career as a nurse.

ADN Programs

Nursing is a rewarding profession both for the financial security it provides and for the sense of accomplishment nursing professionals feel when helping others. City College at Montana State University, Billings offers a high-tech, hands-on Associate of Science in Nursing that preps and trains students for real-world nursing experience. Because the City College is affiliated with the larger state university, the ADN program allows seamless transfer of credits to the bachelor’s program should graduates opt for that later on in their careers. The accredited program trains and readies students to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Billings RN Program NCLEX-RN Pass Rates

NCLEX-RN Students Total38621
NCLEX-RN Students Passed35513
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate92.1%82.6%

Top Ranked Accredited Nursing Programs in Billings

Listed below are the top nursing schools in Billings based on our RegisteredNursing.org RN program rankings for Montana out of 14 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • City College of MSU Billings - #5
SchoolContact Information

City College of MSU Billings

  • ADN Campus
  • Top Ranked Montana Program: #5 of 14
3803 Central Ave
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 247-3000

RN to BSN Programs in Billings, MT

In your parents’ generation, going back to school to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing typically meant taking an unpaid sabbatical from your employer so you could attend daytime classes. Today, RNs in good standing in Billings, MT can opt for part-time, distance education options so that they can advance their careers without having to take a break from it.

RN to BSN Programs

Command a higher hourly wage and more respect from healthcare administrators and colleagues when you advance your RN education to earn a BSN. In rural Billings, MT, where the demand for RNs is already high, those with the BSN distinction can earn even more.

Find out more about Montana RN to BSN Programs.

SchoolContact Information

Montana State University Billings

1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101
(406) 657-2011
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