If you are someone who regularly watches the news, it can be difficult to avoid all of the negativity in the world right now. I believe that it's healthier to not watch the news obsessively, but instead, take an evidence-based approach to the COVID-19 crisis. Nurses are caring individuals who always try to see the good in others. You will never see a good nurse treat a convict or drug addict any different than the president.

This article is designed to open everybody's eyes to see the good in human society. It's heartwarming to see businesses unexpectedly step up and become creative in their ways to help healthcare workers by creating reusable PPE.

It's even more inspiring to see nurses like this one, who is currently retired but still came back to help. How about these amazing medical students in Ohio who are volunteering to babysit, grocery shop, and pet-sit while nurses and doctors work?

Nurses' Views From the Frontlines

  • Emily M. says, "I work in Long Island and most hospitals get free food delivered daily by local businesses as a token of appreciation. I also saw someone who works in a local hospital that would visit people's relatives since there are no outside visitors allowed. People were also collecting money to send food to pediatric offices. Plenty of people donated to their children's doctors."
  • Melody D. says, "Volunteers are spending time outside of our facilities, writing inspiring messages on the sidewalk and expressing their gratitude. It's nice to see when walking into work."
  • Tiffany A. says, "Our hospital received food donations from a local restaurant. Many of my friends who sew volunteered to make cloth masks for their friends in the medical community. They only asked for donations if possible."

Those in New Jersey who feel they can't directly help are providing financial assistance by donating money to support people in the healthcare field… Across America, communities are cheering on healthcare workers.

One nurse in Ohio said, "This is nothing like I have ever seen in a crisis. You have to believe that (most) people are good people."

I agree with this statement. With all the negativity in the media, try to do your best to focus on the good. It's the only way to make it to the other side of this pandemic.


Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB

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