As an entry-level healthcare provider, the Certified Nurse Assistant/Aide (CNA) provides valuable patient care, helping registered and practical nurses take care of daily duties such as feeding and bathing patients, preparing patient rooms, answering call button lights, and much more. Many appreciate the short, affordable training that CNAs go through as an alternative to lengthy and expensive associate's or bachelor's degrees. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNAs in the Washington, DC area earn a mean salary of $31,620 annually.

Choosing the Best CNA Programs in Washington, DC

To get started as a CNA, individuals will first need to select a quality board-approved nurse aide training program. These programs consist of a classroom learning portion as well as hands-on clinical training and labs. Many community and vocational colleges in the area offer CNA programs. For information on eligibility and requirements, visit our CNA Training Programs Admissions page. To choose the right program for you, be sure to keep the following in mind as you research programs.

  • Program Length: CNA programs are generally brief, with some taking just 3-4 weeks to complete. Others may take around a semester to finish in entirety. Many schools offer both part-time and full-time scheduling options to accommodate student schedules. Some may offer night and/or weekend courses as well.
  • Program Cost: CNA program costs can be very inconsistent between schools, which is why it's a good idea to check out a few to get an idea about rates in the area. Students will usually need to cover the cost of tuition, exam fees, books, uniforms/supplies, and more. Financial aid and payment plans may be a possibility for those who need them. CNA programs in DC and the surrounding areas may run students anywhere from $300 to upwards of $1,000.
  • Board Approved Programs: Choosing a DC-approved CNA training program should be at the top of any prospective CNA's list. This ensures eligibility to take the nurse aide examination so that CNAs can be certified and placed on the DC registry. DC Health maintains a list of approved programs that is updated regularly. To learn more, check out the CNA certification requirements for Washington, DC.
  • Online/In-Person Options: Online training programs are growing in popularity across the country. Schools with this option allow students to take the classroom portion of the program in an online format, giving students maximum flexibility regarding when and where they complete their studies. Remember, though, that the clinical portion of the program will still need to be attended in-person. Online coursework is ideal for those who wish to continue working as they complete their program, for those with families, and for those who don't live near their program of choice.

2023 List of CNA Classes in Washington, DC

To get a feel for the CNA curriculum in Washington, DC, see our list of classes and courses available in the state:

Washington, DC

CNA Programs
2010 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 2nd Fl
Washington, DC 20018
(202) 526-3535

CNA Programs
514 V Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 734-4900

CNA Programs
2303 14th Street NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20009

CNA Programs
1418 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 748-5479

CNA Programs
  • Campus
Certified Nursing Assistant
5171 South Dakota Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20017
(202) 274-6950

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