Advancing a nursing career by completing a Vermont Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing provides the opportunity for RNs to work in advanced nursing roles. Students potentially earn an increased annual salary upon completing a post-graduate certificate in nursing, either in a traditional on-campus setting, or from completing the program in an online format.

Vermont is a smaller state, and therefore has limited post-master’s certificate in nursing programs. Online programs offered by colleges and universities in nearby states allow Vermont Registered Nurses to achieve their goal of working in an advanced nursing role.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Admission Requirements in Vermont

The requirements for admission to a Vermont Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing program limits students to those that hold a current, unencumbered RN licensure. There are other admission requirements, such as those indicated by the University of Vermont. The admission requirements for the APRN Post-Graduate Certificate program include:

  • RN licensure
  • Transcripts
  • Completion of a University of Vermont Graduate College application
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Submission of essay describing the rationale for seeking the post-graduate APRN certificate

Submission of a completed application and application fee

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Classes and Courses

The University of New Hampshire offers the Post-Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate. Completing requirements for a post-graduate certificate in nursing program requires that RNs complete all required courses and classes. The required classes vary with the specific program. The required courses for this program include:

  • NUR 810 – Families in Health and Illness
  • NUR 907 – Advanced Pharmacology
  • NUR 908 – Advanced Pathophysiology
  • NUR 909 – Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning
  • NUR 925 – Healthcare Systems and Leadership
  • NUR 935 – Primary Care of Families I
  • NUR 936 – Practicum in Primary Care of Families I
  • NUR 937 – Primary Care of Families II
  • NUR 938 – Practicum in Primary Care of Families II
  • NUR 939 – Seminar and Practicum in Primary Care of Families III
  • NUR 944 – Population Health Promotion and Risk Reduction
  • NUR 963 – Advanced Clinical Epidemiology

Prospective students should check with the specific college or university and the nursing department for all course requirements.

Program Length

The program length of any post-graduate certificate in nursing certificate for Vermont RNs varies according to the program. There are no specific requirements regarding program length for a post-master’s certificate in nursing program in the State of Vermont. Some programs are as few as 10 credit hours in length, while others consist of well over 20 credit hours of study.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

All nurses that plan to pursue a post-graduate certificate in nursing should check with the school for the cost of tuition prior to enrolling at the school. The cost of tuition and attending classes varies from one university to another university, even for the same certificate program.

The University of Vermont tuition cost for post-graduate certificate programs is $970 per credit hour. Students should consider the fact that tuition only covers the cost of attending the classes. It does not cover supplies, books, fees or other expenses.

Online Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs in Vermont

Online programs allow nurses to complete a post-graduate certificate in nursing without attending classes on-campus. This is likely an ideal option for working nurses or students with family responsibilities. This is also ideal for students in states that don’t have many option in regards to post-graduate certificates in nursing.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Career Pathways in Vermont 

There are many career pathways for RNs that earn a Vermont post-graduate certificate in nursing. Some pathways include:

There are potentially additional pathways and careers for nurses completing the post-graduate certificate in nursing – it will depend upon the school attended and areas of interest.

Post-Graduate Nursing Certificate Salary and Job Outlook

There is an outstanding job outlook for RNs that complete a post-graduate certificate in nursing program. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates a much faster than average job growth for nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists have a better salary compared to RNs and other nurses. The mean salary for these positions is $113,930 on an annual basis.

List of Vermont Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs

There are several program options available for Vermont nurses that want to earn a post-graduate certificate in nursing certificate. Explore the options, including available programs, tuition and other important factors.

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