Earning a post-graduate certificate in nursing potentially opens many doors to a better career with better pay for nurses that have already completed the minimum degree requirements and hold current licensure as a registered nurse (RN).

There are post-graduate in nursing certificate programs offered at many universities, but not in all states. While Wyoming does not have schools that offer a post-graduate certificate in nursing program, there are programs at colleges and universities in nearby states that are available. Online post-master’s certificate in nursing programs give nurses the same level of instruction that nurses receive when attending classes in a traditional on-campus environment.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Admission Requirements in Wyoming

The admission requirements for post-graduate certificate in nursing programs vary by the school and the individual program. Prospective students should check the admission requirements for each school, especially since Wyoming nurses are pursuing the post-master’s certificate in nursing programs at colleges and universities in nearby states.

The Minnesota State University Mankato requires that students comply with admission requirements, which includes:

  • MSN completion
  • Submission of online application
  • Submission of a transcript
  • Submission of the application fee
  • Immunization form

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Classes and Courses

The courses and classes that nurses complete as part of their post-graduate certificate in nursing program depends largely on which program the nurse chooses to pursue. Another factor includes the fact that program course requirements often vary from one college or university to another, and sometimes varies for the same program at different schools.

The Montana State University Online Certificate in Nursing Education consists of the following courses:

  • NRSG 503 – Curriculum Development
  • NRSG 504 – Assessment and Evaluation of Education
  • NRSG 501 – Teaching Concepts Nurse Educator
  • NRSG 502 – Effective Clinical Teaching
  • NRSG 503 – Curriculum Development II

Program Length

Students that research opportunities for nurses to obtain a Wyoming post-graduate certificate in nursing likely discover that program length varies according to the university or the program. Some programs require only a few courses, while other schools require up to three years of study to complete the post-master’s certificate in nursing program.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

Tuition varies from school to school. The tuition rate includes only the cost of attending classes. It does not cover the costs associated with supplies, fees, uniforms, insurance, or books.

For example, the tuition for South Dakota State University’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner post-master’s certificate program is $465.80 per credit hour.

Online Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs in Wyoming

Online programs allow nurses to continue working without having to take time off to attend classes on-campus.

This is especially convenient for nurses in Wyoming, where there are no colleges or universities offering a post-graduate certificate in nursing. Online programs allow Wyoming nurses the ability to pursue their preferred nursing specialization regardless of geographic location.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Career Pathways in Wyoming

The post-graduate certificate in nursing allows nurses to obtain the education and skills to work in their desired specialty. Some career pathways available to nurses with a post-graduate certificate in nursing include:

Post-Graduate Nursing Certificate Salary and Job Outlook

There is a promising job outlook for nurse practitioners and other nurses that earn a post-graduate certificate in nursing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the job growth outlook as ‘much faster than average' over the next several years. Nurses with a post-graduate nursing certificate can expect to earn an average annual salary of more than $100,000.

List of Wyoming Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs

Enhance your career opportunities and earn an improved salary when you complete a Wyoming post-graduate certificate in nursing program.

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