Registered nurses in South Carolina are increasingly seeking higher education via a Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, due to the increased job opportunities and the salary potential. While few schools in South Carolina offer the MSN, online options are available. And another alternative is to move to a nearby state such as Georgia or North Carolina to complete the degree.

2021 List of RN to MSN Programs in South Carolina

Wages for an MSN nurse in South Carolina can range from about $75,000 per year to start, and there is room for movement in pay scale depending on specialty, location and experience. These wages are indicative of job titles such as nurse anesthetist, and nurse educators, although there are several different specialty degrees to be earned. The state of South Carolina works in partnership with RN to MSN programs in neighbouring states, as well as online studies that do offer the accessibility to earning your degree.

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South University
Online Campus
9 Science Court
Columbia, SC 29203
(803) 799-9082

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RN to MSN Admissions Requirements in South Carolina

Before applying to a program, you'll need to make sure you meet all admissions requirements, which may include:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 from all undergrad schools attended
  • Current RN license in good standing from the state of South Carolina
  • Three letters of reference
  • A statement of personal goals

RN to MSN Courses

A popular trend among nurses in South Carolina is the online Master's of Science in Nursing program. Students enjoy the flexibility and convenience of learning online while being able to continue working as an RN. Online courses may include:

  • Research Methods
  • Research and Statistics
  • Advanced Nursing Theory
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Improving Patient Care and Nursing Practice through Information Systems and Technology

Featured Online School

South University offers an accredited online RN to MSN program, designed for nurses who do not hold a BSN degree. One example of a specialization available at South is the MSN with an emphasis on Family Nurse Practitioner. This degree is offered online and at Columbia, South Carolina. With this degree, students will be prepared to focus on health promotion for the family and on encouraging positive health behaviors upon completing their degree. The program includes both nursing theory and advanced concepts of practice. Minimum time commitment is 217 credits. Other RN to MSN programs at South include specializations in Nurse Administrator, Nurse Educator, Adult-Gerontology Family Nurse Practitioner, and Nurse Informatics.

Admissions and Program Length

The length of time it takes to complete the MSN degree is different for each student, depending on factors such as how many courses are taken at one time and credits at entrance to the program. A common course load is 8 to 18 credits a semester.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

Tuition and fees can fluctuate based on the specialization of the RN to MSN degree and the length of time the student takes to get the degree. An average price per semester is $3,848, but the school emphasizes that this figure will vary widely for many reasons.

RN to MSN Career Pathways in South Carolina

Aside from the increased earning potential, an MSN degree can also open the door to an array of rewarding nursing specialties. The following are some nursing career opportunities that may be possible upon completing an MSN:

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner

RN to MSN Salary Comparison

Salaries for nurses in South Carolina are often above the national norm, with an average of $65,000. You will be able to enjoy a higher salary as soon as you find work as an MSN. Examples of salaries range from Nurse Educators earning around $71,000 per year to Nurse Anesthetists, the highest paid advanced practice nurses, whose average salary is $174,000 per year.

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