Austin, Texas is a bustling city known for its arts and music scene. With a population of almost 1 million, it is also a densely populated area with numerous employment opportunities, nursing included.

Because the city of Austin and the surrounding areas are so populous, healthcare organizations are plentiful. The following lists the various types of employment opportunities for nurses in the Austin area.

Hospitals/Acute Care

Austin has thirteen hospitals in the city. Seton Medical Center is one of the top hospitals in Austin. They have many specialty areas to choose from including brain and spine care, cancer and diabetes care, and women and infant services.

St. David's is another top-performing hospital in Austin, with several campuses around the Austin area. They also have many specialties and services for patients, including neuroscience, pediatrics, and cardiovascular care. They also have sleep medicine and bariatric surgery specialties available.

Outpatient Clinics/ Ambulatory Care

Some nurses prefer the preventive care aspect of nursing care and therefore look into outpatient and ambulatory care clinics. Austin has plenty of clinics as well. Some clinics are affiliated with larger hospital systems such as St. David's and Seton Medical Center, but many are independent clinics. Whether it's primary care, outpatient surgery, or urgent care, Austin has plenty of opportunity for outpatient nurses.

Home Health

As one of the most populous cities in Texas (as well as the nation), there is a great need for Home Health nurses in Austin. More and more patients are being managed outpatient, or in the home, so Home Health nurses are essential to meet ongoing patient care needs. Some home health agencies are privately owned and operated, and some are associated with specific insurers or hospital systems.

Other Opportunities

Nurses have the luxury of having a broad array of career opportunities. Austin is a large city, so there are other opportunities available such as government jobs, case management, school or community/public health nursing, correctional nursing, etc. board.

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