The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas of Arlington, Irving, and Plano, Texas is home to more than 7 million residents; it's considered one of the largest inland metropolitan areas in the country. With the shortage of nurses in many fields, RNs in good standing will find an abundance of job opportunities in just about every specialty area.

Hospitals/Acute Care

Hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth have many openings for RNs, especially in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Operating Rooms (OR), and Emergency Rooms (ER). Experienced nurses will also find many supervisory or case manager nursing positions that are available for those looking to move into leadership roles. For students finishing up nursing school, many hospitals offer on-site internships to help transition nurses from the classroom to the clinical setting. It isn't uncommon for Dallas area hospitals to offer sign on bonuses to RNs to attract top talent. Baylor University Medical Center is a top hospital in the city; some job openings require RNs to have BSNs.

Outpatient Clinics/Ambulatory Care

Patients with chronic medical conditions can receive quality, cost-effective care at outpatient clinics in Dallas, Texas. Registered Nurses can also find a large number of openings at such clinics. Some RNs like that certain types of ambulatory care centers offer a more routine work day when compared to working at a hospital, which can be more unpredictable and irregular. Baylor Scott & White Health, a non-profit healthcare provider, has hundreds of patient care sites across Texas including Dallas.

Home Health

Home Health nurses provide individualized, hands on patient care to elderly and chronically ill patients in the comfort of their own homes. Employed by private and public agencies, Dallas-area Home Health RNs can be prepared to encounter and treat a wide range of patient conditions. They must be comfortable interacting with patients and family members and advocating for the health of their patients.

Other Opportunities

Experienced nurses who have invested several years into providing quality care for patients in both acute and non-acute care facilities can find non-clinical nursing jobs as well. Such RNs can find work writing, editing, and reviewing nursing curriculum and other instructional materials.

With the shortage of RNs in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region, Registered Nurses will have a lot of options in where they work. As indicated in many job descriptions, RNs with BSN degrees are candidates of choice at many top hospitals and medical centers.

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