Health & wellness nurses are those who are trained as holistic nurses. They take a mind-body approach to patient care and incorporate each into an individual's overall health.

Many employers are now hiring health and wellness nurses to help promote preventive care, exercise, and wellness. The goal of employers is to keep employees physically and mentally healthy, which in turn leads to greater productivity and decreases overall cost to an organization.

Board certified health and wellness nurse coaches are expected to perform several functions. In fact, to become certified, they must demonstrate specific competencies. The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation describes these competencies in detail. Above all, they must recognize patients as authorities on their own health and well-being. They must simply align their intentions with the patient's goals.

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So what does this mean in terms of their day-to-day work? Health and wellness coaches work closely with different types of clients, including patients who have chronic conditions that require lifestyle changes as well as company employees. Their role differs depending on the client population they are working with. For example, a nurse wellness coach working with a patient who has congestive heart failure (CHF) must coach him or her on how to adopt a healthy low sodium diet, exercise limitations, etc. to be able to live a healthy life. The goal is for patients to not just live with a chronic illness, but to thrive.

Nurse wellness coaches working for a business or insurance company may focus mainly on prevention. They could organize events to promote health such as a flu wellness clinics and blood pressure check workshops, or hold education sessions on issues such as exercise, diet, stress management, and stretching. Some nurse wellness coaches are hired as long-term educators for certain programs such as weight loss clinics.

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Wellness nurse coaches have a very rewarding career. Not only do they assist in helping their clients achieve their health goals, but they also help empower them to take control of their health long-term. They give clients the tools they need to maintain a healthy life for years to come.