Located in the heart of Texas, the ever-expanding metroplex of Dallas-Fort Worth has innumerable job opportunities for Registered Nurses. Texas, in particular, the cities of Dallas-Ft. Worth and their surrounding communities of Arlington and Plano, are in the midst of an acute nursing shortage that healthcare experts are predicting will get worse in the years to come. Nurses in good standing can have their pick of jobs to apply for at hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, home health agencies, and more.

How Much Do Dallas RNs Make per Hour

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan region has the fifth highest employment level for registered nurses in the country. Dallas-area RNs can expect to earn approximately $35 per hour.

Average RN Salary in Dallas

It should be noted that there's an acute shortage of nurses with advanced degrees in Dallas and really the state of Texas as a whole. Nurse Practitioners, for instance, can expect to earn $50 an hour; the region employs a mere 3,300 NPs in the region.

These salary and employment metrics are calculated based on averages of annual salaries reported to date (as of May 2018); or a salary of $74,140 per year, which is on par with the national average. Total salary compensation includes benefits, PTO, and may include education and training options. There are both union and non-union hospitals in Dallas, which can affect nurses' total compensation. Though historically a non-union state, nursing unions in Dallas, TX are gaining ground and helping to bolster pay and work conditions for nurses. According to GlassDoor, wages for RNs can vary quite widely based on employer. As such, it's a good idea to research and compare wages and salaries from hospital to hospital.

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