Known for its corn and agriculture production, the state of Nebraska is removing barriers for RNs to become advanced practice nurses. With a Master’s of Science in Nursing, nurses can specialize in one area such as pediatrics, mental health, critical care, or nurse practitioner. Nurses with an advanced degree can command higher salaries for themselves while also having a more influential role in patient care, decision-making, and the larger nursing profession.

Registered Nurses in Nebraska have a few different options to consider when completing fast-moving (RN/BSN to MSN) bridge programs.

RN to MSN and BSN to MSN Programs

Nebraska schools offer a handful of online, on-campus, and hybrid BSN to MSN programs available for nurses dedicated to bringing their careers and patient care to the next level. Such bridge programs offer flexibility for working RNs with many priorities to enable timely degree completion. Bridge programs may eliminate some classes, thereby reducing the time and cost of obtaining the degree. RNs with only an associate's degree may be eligible for some RN to MSN bridge options, though they must complete additional coursework. Supervised clinical components are typically required for practitioner programs.

Typical Program Length:

  • Roughly 6 full-time semesters for an RN to MSN
  • About 4 full-time semesters for a BSN to MSN

Typical Admissions Requirements:

  • ADN or BSN from an accredited university (degree level may vary by program)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Current, unencumbered license as an RN in Nebraska
  • One year minimum experience working as an RN
  • Successful completion of a background check and drug screen

2024 List of MSN Programs in Nebraska

A median salary for a nurse with their MSN degree can average about $80,000 per year and increase depending on location, specialty, and experience. These wages go along with career opportunities that include Nurse Practitioner, Critical Care Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, which are only some of the specialty areas that become open to candidates holding an MSN degree. There are a few colleges throughout Nebraska that offer RN to MSN programs, all ranging from full-time, part-time and online studies, these modalities can also be blended to help accommodate a working nurse's professional responsibilities.

MSN Programs By City:

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