Entry Level ADN & BSN Programs in Fort Worth, TX

For aspiring nurses without any prior training, there are a number of entry-level education programs to choose from. The Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) is ideal for students who want to begin working as soon as possible, as these programs are relatively quick to complete. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) takes longer to complete, but provides a more in-depth foundation of nursing skills.

ADN Programs

An ADN program prepares students to take the NCLEX licensing exam and secure an entry-level job in the nursing field. Generally taking about two years to complete, ADN programs are offered at community colleges, vocational schools and some medical centers. Tarrant County College offers an ADN program that is designed to be completed in two years over five terms.

Direct-Entry BSN Programs

Like the ADN program, BSN degree programs prepare students for their first jobs in nursing and to take the NCLEX licensing exam. However, the BSN program generally takes longer to complete and includes additional coursework in nursing research and evidence-based practice, nursing leadership and public health nursing. Texas Christian University offers a four-year BSN program, as well as an accelerated BSN program that can be completed in as little as 16 months.

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Fort Worth RN Program NCLEX-RN Pass Rates

 Fort WorthTexas
NCLEX-RN Students Total1,53215,081
NCLEX-RN Students Passed1,37313,102
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate89.6%86.9%

Top Ranked Accredited Nursing Programs in Fort Worth

Listed below are the top nursing schools in Fort Worth based on our RegisteredNursing.org RN program rankings for Texas out of 117 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • Texas Christian University - #17
SchoolContact Information

Chamberlain College of Nursing - Irving

4800 Regent Blvd
Irving, TX 75063
(469) 706-6705

Southwestern Adventist University

100 W Hillcrest St
Keene, TX 76059
(817) 202-6658

Tarrant County College

245 East Belknap Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 515-2339

Texas Christian University

  • BSN Campus
  • Top Ranked Texas Program: #17 of 117
Annie Richardson Bass Building 2101, 2800 W Bowie St
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 257-7490

University of Texas - Arlington

701 S Nedderman Dr.
Arlington, TX 76019
(817) 272-2011

Weatherford College

225 College Park Dr
Weatherford, TX 76086
(817) 594-5471

RN to BSN Programs in Fort Worth, TX

In order to meet the demand for nurses with a bachelor’s degree or higher and open up additional job opportunities, many ADN-educated nurses are considering returning to school to earn their BSN. Specially-designed RN to BSN programs provide a pathway to a higher degree that takes less time to complete than a traditional BSN program.

RN to BSN Programs

An RN to BSN program, like the one at the University of Texas at Arlington, takes into account previous nursing coursework and training to accelerate the timeline for completing the BSN degree. The University of Texas at Arlington’s RN to BSN program is offered in an on-campus or online format, and up to 28 credits can be counted from prior ADN or diploma coursework.

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SchoolContact Information

Central Texas College

6200 W Central Texas Expy
Killeen, TX
(254) 526-7161

Chamberlain University - Irving

4800 Regent Blvd
Irving, TX 75063
(469) 706-6705

El Paso Community College

100 West Rio Grande Ave.
El Paso, TX
(915) 831-3722

Hill College - Cleburne

2112 Mayfield Pkwy
Cleburne, TX
(817) 760-5500

Hill College - Hillsboro

112 Lamar Dr
Hillsboro, TX
(254) 659-7500

Lone Star College - Kingwood

20000 Kingwood Dr
Kingwood, TX
(281) 312-1600

Lone Star College - Montgomery

3200 College Park Dr
Conroe, TX
(936) 273-7000

Lone Star College - North Harris

2700 W W Thorne Dr
Houston, TX
(281) 618-5400

San Jacinto College

4620 Fairmont Pkwy.
Pasadena, TX
(281) 991-2659

Tarrant County College

1500 Houston St
Fort Worth, TX
(817) 515-8223

Trinity Valley Community College

100 Cardinal Dr
Athens, TX
(903) 675-6200

Tyler Junior College

1327 S Baxter Ave
Tyler, TX
(800) 687-5680

University of Texas at Arlington

411 S. Nedderman Drive
Arlington, TX 76019
(817) 272-2776

APRN & Nurse Practitioner Programs in Fort Worth, TX

Advanced practice nursing programs are designed to prepare RNs for the highest levels of practice and research. These programs include the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), post-master’s certificate programs and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.

MSN Programs

MSN programs prepare nurses with a BSN degree for advanced practice careers as nurse practitioners, administrators, leaders and educators. Many programs, like the MSN program at Texas Christian University, offer specialized tracks that prepare nurses for a specific career including Clinical Nurse Specialist (pediatrics or adult-gerontology), Nursing Administration & Leadership, Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse Leader.

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Post-Master’s Certificate Programs

Post-master’s certificate programs provide a pathway for MSN-educated nurses to learn a new specialty without repeating their previous master’s-level coursework. For example, Texas Christian University offers a post-master’s certificate program in Family Nurse Practitioner that includes 6 didactic courses and 4 practicum courses.

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DNP & Ph.D. Programs

The highest level of study available for nurses is doctorate-level study, with two main program options: the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). DNP programs, such as the one at the University of Texas at Arlington prepare nurses for careers at the highest levels of evidence-based practice in clinical practice, policy development, and consulting roles. Ph.D. programs prepare nurses for careers in research and academia.

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