Nurses who enjoy working with computer and information technology can pursue a career in Nursing Informatics. They work to develop, maintain, and improve electronic medical records, computerized provider ordering, and other facility or department-specific technology.

A "super user" is a staff member who receives additional in-depth training on a specific program and sometimes receive greater access privileges to programs. Many times, nurses volunteer to be super-users once programs are developed, and a work area is preparing to go live with the technology. They serve as trainers as well as resources for staff during the transition process and assist in providing feedback during the evaluation phase after a program is rolled out. They must know the program inside and out to be able to help train and support other staff.

Acting as a super-user helps advance a nursing informatics career as they are more trained in certain software and information technology programs, which allows them to serve as experts. Super-users utilize staff feedback to develop ideas for improvement and sometimes even for new innovative programs. Bringing ideas to the table helps nurse informaticists advance in their career by acting as leaders, trainers, mentors, and experts in the field of information technology.