Travel nurses are nurses who work for agencies that place them in assignments where nursing staff is needed. They have the luxury of choosing which city, state, and even country they wish to work.

Many potential travel nurses are curious as to how they are set up in their new city. Relocation costs can include:

  • Moving expenses
  • Accommodations
  • Living expenses
  • Transportation

So, who pays for what? The answer lies in the individual agency. Many agencies offer a sign on bonus, that can be used as to offset relocation costs. Other agencies offer to pay for:

  • Health Insurance
  • Housing
  • 401 (k) plan
  • Travel costs
  • Continuing education courses
  • Assistance with MSN/ BSN programs
  • Certification and licensing reimbursements
  • Guaranteed pay (in case of shift cancellation)
  • Paid Worker's Compensation/ Liability insurance

While the above reimbursements are attractive to travel nurses, it's important to note that if the nurse must break contract, he/she may be required to pay back the costs that were paid by the agency. Nurses should research agencies and make sure they read the fine print before signing. Recruiters are available to help explain cost reimbursement and what is covered.

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Additionally, nurses should read the specifics about coverage. For example, while medical coverage might be available through an agency, there may be high co-pays or deductibles, and specialty services may not be covered. Recruiters can help break down the specifics for travel nurses.

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