Becoming a registered nurse in Utah is a great way to earn a living while delivering much-needed quality care to the community. Jobs in the nursing profession are on the rise in the state, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median wage for a registered nurse in Utah is approximately $72,790 annually. With Utah's mix of urban and rural areas, plenty of programs and schooling options suit any prospective nursing student's needs.

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2024 Best RN Programs in Utah

Selecting the best nursing school in Utah can be difficult. To make the process easier first look for a school that supports students towards licensure and beyond. A great way to measure this is through NCLEX-RN "pass rates." We have ranked the top 5 nursing schools in Utah by analyzing current and historical NCLEX-RN "pass rates", meaning the percentage of graduates who pass the exam, out of the 17 RN programs in the state. Programs reviewed include schools that offer an Associate in Nursing (ADN/ASN), BSN, or Direct-Entry MSN Degree.

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551 KMBL, Provo, UT 84602

Score: 96.75

Brigham Young University is committed to increasing the number of nurses in Utah communities that are well versed in the 'Healer's Art'. Through BYU's full-time BSN program, nurses learn to promote health and healing while leading with faith and integrity, all while sticking to an evidence-based and patient-centered nursing model. Students have the benefit of a dedicated Nursing Learning Center to enhance their education.

Program Details

  • Programs: BSN
  • Phone: (801) 422-4173

10920 S. River Front Parkway, South Jordan, UT 84905

Score: 94.49

A career in nursing will be one of great challenge and reward; Utah's Roseman University graduates are ready to accept that challenge. The school's BSN program takes just 18 months to complete, and with no more than 48 students enrolled at a time, personal attention is maximized. Graduates enter the field with the clinical skill and knowledge to affect positive change in the healthcare arena.

Program Details

  • Programs: Accelerated BSN
  • Phone: (801) 302-2600

351 W University Blvd, Cedar City, UT 84720

Score: 94.25

At Southern Utah University, nursing graduates are taught with an emphasis on communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. Ethics and quality patient care are also integral elements of their program. All aspects are incorporated into the practical and theoretical components of their renowned BSN program.

Program Details

  • Programs: BSN
  • Phone: (435) 586-7700

10 South 2000 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Score: 88.17

The University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, offers a pre-licensure BSN program with both fall and spring start times. The curriculum includes courses and instruction that train nurses for modern nursing practice, emphasizing evidence-based skills and competencies. The University of Utah's first-time NCLEX pass rates are consistently above the national average.

Program Details

  • Programs: BSN
  • Phone: (801) 581-3414

1840 South 1300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Score: 88.15

Salt Lake City’s Westminster College trains tomorrow’s RNs via a CCNE-accredited BSN program. With small class sizes, students get personalized attention, and hands-on activities including labs and case studies engage students and help them apply classroom instruction.

Program Details

  • Programs: BSN
  • Phone: (801) 832-2152

ADN Programs in Utah

If you're looking to become a registered nurse relatively quickly, a 2-year Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) is a great option. Because these programs are faster and more affordable than traditional 4-year degrees, they are increasingly popular. They also have the advantage of being widely available in most junior and technical colleges.

There are roughly eight different schools in Utah that offer an ADN program at locations all across the state.

What to Look For in an ADN Program in Utah

Choosing a school to obtain your ADN will take some research and care. When looking into programs, it's essential to consider the following:


Accreditation is one significant way to ensure your ADN program meets standards. National organizations such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) are just a few that you'll want to check for when researching your prospective school's accreditations. You'll also want to ensure that your school's program is accredited locally by the Utah Board of Nursing.


Nursing programs aim to prepare you to take the National Council Licensure Examination for licensure as a Registered Nurse (NCLEX). Ensuring that your program's curriculum will fully prepare you for the exam is a good idea.

Program Outcomes

A good school will happily report statistics on its program's success rates. The following are all good indications of the school's reputation:

  • Graduation rate
  • Licensure exam pass rate
  • Graduate satisfaction
  • Employment rate

ADN Program Admission Requirements in Utah

ADN programs can be competitive, and you must meet the requirements to be admitted. Here is a sampling of requirements that you may be subject to:

  • All pre-requisite courses completed with a grade of C or better and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all pre-requisite courses
  • Provide results of the Kaplan entrance exam
  • Current BLS card holder
  • Pay application fees

Tuition and Costs of ADN Programs in Utah

Paying for school can seem stressful. You'll have to factor in the cost of tuition and additional fees, including textbooks, uniforms, and other extras. These fees may or may not be included with the tuition price; it is always wise to look at the breakdown of what your tuition will cover at your school of choice. The estimated cost for the ADN program at Weber State University in Ogden is around $1,800 for the first year and $550 for the second year, in addition to the regular 4-semester tuition fees.

Advantages of ADN Programs

There are so many routes to becoming a registered nurse that it's hard to make the right choice. ADN programs are ideal for those who want a shorter amount of time in school or for those who are budget-sensitive, as ADN programs tend to be less expensive. Since ADN programs are usually found at junior and technical colleges, finding one near your home can also be more accessible.

LPN to RN Programs in Utah

There are several specialty program pathways for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in Utah to become registered nurses. These LPN to RN completion programs bridge the gap between practical nursing and registered nursing curricula. This makes the total program time much shorter and more affordable for LPNs.

LPN to ADN/BSN Programs

LPNs can choose between two program pathways to achieve an RN education. The first choice is the LPN to ADN program, which is the quickest route to registered nursing and can often be completed in a year or less. For example, Ogden’s Weber State University offers an LPN to RN program where students can earn either an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree, depending on how many credits they want to take.

Practical nurses can also choose the LPN to BSN program pathway for more advanced learning. This route culminates in the popular bachelor’s degree in nursing and is a slightly lengthier program than the LPN to ADN. Located in Cedar City, Southern Utah University offers a BSN bridge pathway for LPNs and paramedics.

To be eligible for either LPN to RN program route, students will generally need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate of an accredited LPN program
  • Hold an active, unrestricted LPN license in Utah
  • Have completed any prerequisite courses
  • Have a minimum GPA (usually 3.0)

BSN Programs in Utah

Suppose you are willing to go through a lengthier program in return for more excellent career opportunities and earning potential. In that case, a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) might be for you. Jobs such as public health nurses and nurse educators can be obtained if you hold a BSN. In addition to a traditional 4-year BSN, a shorter RN to BSN option is available at many schools for those already licensed as registered nurses.

There are roughly five schools in Utah that offer BSN programs throughout the state.

What To Look For in a BSN Program in Utah

Choosing your BSN program can be a tough decision. You will want to consider things like proper accreditation, cost, and overall program effectiveness when comparing BSN programs and schools. You may also want to see if any online courses are offered, and if you are already an RN, you'd like to inquire whether an RN to BSN program is available at your prospective school.

A great example of a school that offers an accredited BSN program in the state is Brigham Young University, located in Provo.

BSN Program Length in Utah

You can expect to be in school for four years if you are going for a traditional BSN. If you want to complete your BSN quicker than this, many schools are now offering accelerated BSN programs that can be completed in as little as 16 months. An RN to BSN program, for those who already hold a nursing license, can last 1-2 years, depending on the program's schedule.

BSN Program Admission Requirements in Utah

While specific admission requirements tend to vary depending on the school, here are a few BSN requirements to consider:

  • Completed all pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or higher
  • List of community, school, and church service over the past five years
  • Impromptu essay with points given for content, organization, spelling & grammar, and more
  • Letters of recommendation

Tuition and Costs of BSN Programs in Utah

The cost of tuition and fees is one of the biggest things to factor in when considering going for your BSN. Remember that tuition may or may not include extras such as books, uniforms, and other mandatory fees. For example, the estimated cost for a BSN at Utah Tech University (formerly Dixie State University) in St. George is the prevailing base rate for undergrad students, plus $75 per credit tuition differential.

Advantages of BSN Programs

Earning your BSN is an excellent way to enter the world of advanced nursing. You will have more employment opportunities (and for jobs requiring a higher degree of responsibility), and you will also get paid more than an RN who doesn't hold a BSN. Many large public and private universities offer BSN programs, so it's easy to find a world-class program in most bigger cities.

MSN Programs in Utah

To take your career beyond what a BSN can offer, a Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) is what you'll need to achieve. This advanced degree can lead to nursing jobs, including Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife, and Nurse Practitioner, among other specialties. An MSN is available to you if you already hold your BSN degree.

With a handful of schools in Utah offering an MSN program, finding a program to suit your needs is a snap.

MSN Program Length in Utah

Depending on the program and the type of schedule you choose, an MSN can take roughly 2-3 years. Because you must already hold a BSN to go through an MSN program, many schools make it easy for working RNs to complete the program by offering flexible schedules and online classes.

MSN Admission Requirements in Utah

Admission requirements can vary, but here are a few that you're likely to see when comparing MSN programs:

  • BSN in nursing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, taken within the last five years
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation

Tuition and Costs of MSN Programs in Utah

You can expect to incur some costs when going for your MSN. Each school will have its tuition and fees, and it's essential to inquire about what exactly tuition will cover so you know what additional expenses you may need to handle. For example, Westminster College in Salt Lake City estimates its tuition costs for its MSN Family Nurse Practitioner program to be $53,718.

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Getting a Utah Nursing License

Utah State Board of Nursing provides the license to RNs through either an examination process or endorsement for candidates from other states.

If looking for licensure by examination in Utah, complete the application forms and submit the following supporting documentation:

  • Criminal Background Check - with fingerprints (2)
  • Register for the NCLEX - successful outcome upon completion
  • Official transcripts - either sent directly from the school to the Board or sealed in an envelope bearing the school stamp
  • Register for NCLEX - successful completion required

For licensure by endorsement, you must, in addition to the requirements above, submit these few other pieces of documentation:

  • Verification of licensure from originating state of issuance

Learn more about UT RN license requirements at the Utah Department of Commerce - Division of Professional Licensing.

Accelerated Nursing Programs in Utah

Become a BSN nurse within twelve months when you take one of the accelerated BSN programs at a college in Utah. Accelerated programs are rigorous due to the nature of full-time studies and clinical hours required, but are well worth the time and effort. Most programs have entrance requirements that must be met before being accepted; each program has different requirements, so looking into the specific program requirements in recommended. Fees for these programs can vary depending on the college, additional courses needed, and housing possibilities.

Latest Utah NCLEX-RN Pass Rates and Statistics

  • Total Number of State Approved Schools: 17
  • Total Number of Test Takers in 2022: 2,961
  • 2022 Average Statewide Utah NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 78.4%

Continued List of All RN Programs in Utah

Here is a continued list of all RN Programs a continued list of all RN Programs a continued list of all RN Programs a continued list of all RN Programs a continued list of all RN Programs a continued list of all RN Programs.

St George, UT 84770 | Phone: (435) 879-4810
Programs: BSN
Orem, UT 84058 | Phone: (801) 863-4636
Programs: Associate in Nursing, BSN
Ogden, UT 84408 | Phone: (801) 626-6000
Programs: Associate in Nursing, LPN to RN
Logan, UT 84322 | Phone: (435) 797-9684
Programs: Associate in Nursing, BSN
Salt Lake City, UT 84123 | Phone: (801) 957-7522
Programs: Associate in Nursing
Draper, UT 84020 | Phone: (801) 816-1444
Programs: Associate in Nursing, BSN, MSN
Salt Lake City, UT 84107 | Phone: (801) 713-0915
Programs: Associate in Nursing
Ephraim, UT 84627 | Phone: (435) 283-7000
Programs: Associate in Nursing
Provo, UT 84604 | Phone: (801) 333-7133
Programs: BSN
Murray, UT 84123 | Phone: (801) 333-7133
Programs: BSN
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 | Phone: (801) 689-2160
Programs: Associate in Nursing, BDN
Murray, UT 84123 | Phone: (855) 706-8382
Programs: BSN

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